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Team Commitment Levels and Expectations:

  1. C Level
    • Aptitude for the game
    • Desire to be good at golf
    • Willing to learn
    • Have played before
    • Have Fun
    • Practice on their own 1x/week
    • Be focused at practices
  2. JV (Open to Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors)
    • Everything on C league list PLUS ++
    • Can generally keep their ball in play
    • Knows golf etiquette and rules
    • Will practice on their own at least 2 days a week
    • Willing to work on short game as much as range
    • Can break 100
  3. Varsity
    • Everything on JV list PLUS ++
    • Has taken or is taking instruction
    • Practices on their own at least 2 to 3 times/week
    • Can keep their ball in play and has good fundamentals
    • Spends 30-40% of their practice on short game
    • Knows proper chipping and putting technique
    • Knows the rules of golf
    • Willing to challenge themselves to get better in a measurably way
    • Varsity A: Can break 85 consistently and 80 half the time
    • Varsity B: Are in the top 12 AND break 90 or better consistently and willing to work at it
  4. State Golfer
    • Rankings and summer tournament scores
    • Has a talent and passion for the game
    • Has an instructor or coach that they see regularly
    • Practices on their own at least 3 days a week for at least an hour at a time
    • Has a good short game (up and down about half the time)
    • Spends more than 60% of their practice time on short game
    • Believes that practice is fun
    • Identifies weaknesses in game and works to make them better
    • Wants to compete against themselves and others
    • Plays in as many Junior tournaments that they can in the off season
    • Has a great attitude and strong mental approach and can overcome adversity
    • Has the physical and mental stamina to maintain their focus for 18 holes
    • Wants to do all the above for themselves NOT for someone else (coach, parent, etc.)
    • Proper nutrition and fitness
    • Can balance all of the above with school and a social life
    • Can shoot in the mid 70's consistently
    • To be competitive at state as a team RCHS needs 4 golfers that can break 75 consistently

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