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Hi Softball Families-

My name is Mike DeSimone and I am the head softball coach for the Rock Canyon High School Softball program. You can communicate with me via or my cell phone at 720-339-6425.

We are excited for the upcoming 2022 season with several returning Varsity and Junior Varsity players as well as several incoming Freshmen planning on participating this year. It is our hope and plan to again be one of the leading teams in the State in 5A Softball!

We will try to post as much as possible as often as possible to the website in order to keep everyone informed so please stay in touch on the website throughout the offseason. As we approach Summer 2022 we are looking forward to a fun and successful off-season starting with our KULA conditioning program that has been set up to allow any and all athletes access to world-class training and personal development. Additionally, we have planned for conditioning and leadership development as a team starting in early May with our incoming Freshmen able to join us by month's end. This Summer we have our annual youth camp on June 20 and an elite college recruiting camp on June 21 with several area college coaches that all of our interested players are welcome to register for. Lastly, we will have our weekly high school scrimmages and individual workouts during the months of June and July. As always, all non-season activities are optional but advised. You all have busy lives especially in the Summer so understand that the many options available are provided to help all the student athletes but please understand that it is totally appropriate to layer our team activities into your normal lives.

More details will be coming throughout the Spring & Summer.

Fundraising - RC Softball relies on fundraising to create the funding for our program. Our program cost is approximately $1000 per player! Historically we have been able to fundraise to cover around 60% of this total and we are in a solid financial position. However, in order to keep our costs reasonable and continue to run one of the top softball programs in Colorado we have to occasionally roll up our sleeves and fundraise. This year we are planning on two options. Option 1 will start in the late Spring and extend into the Summer and is a card sale program through Fundraising U. Option 2 will be our standard SnapRaise option in the Fall. Additonally, our donations, sponsorships and our concessions efforts all help the cause.

Physicals - RC Softball will be working with the athletic training department and Panorama Orthopedic for physical days this Summer with the first date on June 4 at the Highlands Ranch location. If you are planning on Summer travel the first June date may be your best option. There may be additional dates to facilitate Fall physicals TBD and more information will follow as available.

Welcome Meetings - We are planning on having meetings with students and families in late May 2022, early August 2022 and then a whole program BBQ tentatively prior to the season .

Registration/District payment- All players must register and pay the district fee. Links will be provided once this information is ready for release.
This fee is separate and in addition to the Booster Club fee!


The Booster Club is very active, loves volunteers and will offer many updates and communication year round. We will announce fees which cover gear, events, and program costs once we begin our information meetings and planning.

**Players will not be able to participate in tryouts without a completed physical form and athletic registration.

For those of you new to the program the season starts with camp week in early August and then tryouts and rapidly ramps up from there. We normally interact in the Fall with team meetings, a retreat for the students and an array of special events throughout the year in addition to our normal softball schedule.

An additional wrinkle this year is that I will out of town at an important family function for one week this Fall. We have an awesome coaching staff and we are planning already for this change but I wanted you all to be aware of this out of the ordinary event.


In season our practices are Monday through Friday excluding game days and occasionally there are events on Saturdays but never on Sundays. In fact communication on Sundays is prohibited by CHSAA and we adhere strictly to this requirement. We communicate directly with the students once the season kicks off via an app called BAND but do our best to keep the parents involved and informed with many emails throughout the season.

If you have any special participation or payment limitations are a hardship please contact Coach Mike.

Retreat - The softball retreat is for all players and coaches and will be planned this Summer! Funding and availability will be key to this happening. More details to follow!

**Volunteers - There will be many opportunities to volunteer throughout the season. If you are interested in helping with some of our special events please contact me!! Otherwise we will be contacting you:-)

All upcoming dates...




High School Spring & Summer Leadership, Conditioning, and Training (Optional)

May 2022 - July 2022

Monday Afternoon Leadership, Lifting, & Hitting (May)
Monday Morning Scrimmages (June)
Monday Morning Workouts (July)
Friday Afternoon Leadership, Lifting, & Hitting (June)
Friday Morning Workouts (July)

Rock Canyon High School Softball Complex

All returning and new high school players invited; Incoming Freshmen welcome in Late May



Rock Canyon Community Youth Softball Camp

June 20 2022


Rock Canyon High School

All youth softball players in our community!


Summit 5 Sports Camps
June 21 2022
Supported by RC Softball





High School Camp Week (Optional)

Early August 2022

3pm - 6pm

Rock Canyon High School

All returning and new high school players invited


August Retreat


All returning and new high school players invited


Team Welcome BBQ


All returning and new high school players, coaches and their families are invited


High School First Week of Practice and Tryouts

August 2022

3pm - 6pm

Rock Canyon High School Field

All returning and new high school players invited


Tentative Scrimmage Day and Team Retreat TBD

August 15, 2022

I hope this information is helpful as you look forward to the 2022 school and athletic year!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!



Mike DeSimone
Head Softball Coach
Cell 720 339 6425


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